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  • Ridiculously Awesome People: Irena Sendler

    Irena Sendler was born in Warsaw, Poland to Dr. Stanislaw Krzyzanowski. Her father was a physician who died in 1917 of typhus contracted while attending patients other doctors refused to treat. Even from a young age, Irena recognized the injustices and ill-treatment against Jews and had the courage to stand up against what was wrong. She was suspended from the Warsaw University for three years for opposing the ghetto-bench system.

    During World War II and the German occupation of Poland, she began working for the Social Welfare departments often using her position as a cover to help Jews. She was nominated in 1942, by the Zegota (Council to Aid Jews), to head its children section. Her position at the Social Welfare Department allowed her a special permit to enter the Warsaw Ghetto to check for signs of typhus. She began smuggling and organizing the smuggling of children out of the ghetto in ambulances, trams and sometimes disguised them as packages. The children where then placed with Polish families, convents and parish rectories. In this manner, she rescued between 250-500 Jewish children. Lists of the children’s real names were buried in jars in order to keep track of their original and new identities. The children were to be returned to their relatives after the war.

    Sendler’s activities were dangerous and highly risky as all members of a given household risked death if found guilty of hiding or aiding Jews in any way. In 1943, Sendler was arrested by the German Gestapo, severely tortured and sentenced to death. The Zegota was able to secure her release, on the way to her execution, by bribing German guards. She was left in the woods, unconscious, with broken arms and legs. She lived in hiding for the remainder of the war but continued aiding children. 

    After the war, she dug up jars containing the 2500 children’s identities and attempted to find the children and return them to their parents. However, almost all of their parents had been killed at the Treblinka extermination camp or had gone missing.

    Irena Sendler died on May 12, 2008. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and won a number of other accolades and awards for her efforts. 

    Someone who epitomizes what it is to be a human being:  to feel compassion toward those wronged and oppressed and to have the strength to overcome fear to correct it.

    More info: Irena Sendler

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